Dr. med. Helmar Wauer

Hospital Business Director, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Executive Director, Outpatient Health Centre of Charité GmbH

1988: Intern at the Charité

1993: Anesthesiologist

1994 – 1996: Ward physician at the Interdisciplinary ICU I at the Charité

1996: Appointed senior physician

1996-1999: Responsible for the Interdisciplinary ICU I of the Charité

1999-2002: Headed the Interdisciplinary Emergency Room of the Charité Campus Mitte

1999-2005: Headed the support base for emergency ambulances 5305 in Berlin-Treptow

2002-2004: Responsible for anaesthesia for ENT and orthopaedics

2004-2005: Authorisation to teach emergency medicine at the Campus Charité Mitte

2004–2006: Central operations coordinator at the Benjamin Franklin Campus

2006-2009: Hospital Business Director of Charité Centre 13 for Internal Medicine

2007-2009: Hospital Business Director of the Health Academy of the Charité

as of 2009: Hospital Business Director of the Charité Clinic

as of 2009: Executive Director of the Outpatient Health Centre of Charité GmbH

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