Eric De Roodenbeke

Chief Executive Officer, International Hospital Federation (IHF)

We look forward to again bringing together leaders in health and policy.




One of the International Hospital Federation’s continuing partnerships is with MCC and the Hospital World Conference held in Germany. MCC hospital world 2011 continues to be an important opportunity for leaders in health care management, finance and policy to come and exchange ideas and pespectives on some of the most impressing issues of the day.

This event brings together high ranking health leaders and policy makers from Germany and around the world to discuss the most essential topics in health care management today and strategic planning for the future. This event is of particular interest to those who focus on the financial aspects of the increasing privatization of healt care in many parts of the world.

The format of Hospital World provides an opportunity for real interaction and discourse among the international presenters and participants. Each participant is sure to take along fresh ideas and new perspectives about health care management relevant to their particular circumstances.

Mark your calendars now for September 22 and 23 for an event that is sure to be productive an engaging.

I look forward to seeing you in Berlin


Eric de Roodenbeke, Chief Executive Officer, International Hospital Federation (IHF), France

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